As for the importance of the ingredients amount in the composition, during the adding spices, observers and food professionals, directly have monitoring the process. In the production of meat products, all spices have store at determined amount based on formulation, in a room with sterile conditions and fully standard.

These spices are often added to the meat in the formulation and the exclusive compositions which designed by food industry experts.

Also, all stages of production from the provision of raw materials to the final product have observed by experts, likewise they do the tests necessary to maintain and ensure the quality of the finished product.

Before meat have placed in the final mixture machine, are divided into   smaller pieces by industrial mills, so that the mixing process can be performed at the right time with a better quality.

For the production the hot dogs which contain vegetables and meat, is used fresh, non-waste and completely washed vegetables.

At all stages, in addition to maintain all standards, observers and food industry to prevent any errors, are continuously monitoring the process.

In the baking room, which consists of several separate chambers, a stage like smoking is done.

In the baking step, hot dogs are cooked with high temperatures and steam.After finishing the production stages, all hot dogs, is filled with determined weight in a transparent cover by using special filling machines in a mechanized and sterile condition.

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