About Us

Shila Chain restaurant was founded in 1999 by young graduate of the food industry from Tehran University. In August 1999, the first branch of shila was opened at Valiasr Street (intersection of Motahhari Street and Fathi Shaghaghi Ave.)The purpose of this complex was production of high quality and distinctive food, along with customer’s satisfaction and assurance.

Achieving this goal was not possible without extensive study and planning, while the fast food industry had a small background, many system infrastructure and professional standards should be designed from the outset.

In order to create an efficient, standard and successful complex, Sheila has gradually and accurately developed the process of expanding its branches and by take advantage of food and marketing advisors, became to integrated management organization.

And in consultation with prominent food industry and brand development experts, created an integrated management approach.

The result of researches, cooperation, planning, implementation and guidance of the advisers group was the integrated organization, in which the unit of planning and Headquarters with the support of strength and software power, leads the design and opening of the branches.

Development of the Sheila complex is not limited to the opening of the branches, and in pursuit of its goals, the strategy planning unit of Shila Complex is constantly editing strategic guidelines for monitoring the implementation of precise and integrated processes, supplying and processing of raw materials with high quality, training the human resource and an appropriate restaurant environment.

“We are committed to the quality, high grade of the raw materials, the method of health baking, the continuous monitoring and control of the service.

What are our advantages?

  • Quality and freshness of raw materials.
  • Lowest preservatives and permitted nitrates in products, near to zero.
  • Selection of high quality and fresh meat with short-term maintenance special sauces and spices: with a maintenance period short term.
  • Using fresh and Healthy Vegetables.
  • Exclusive formulation of products.
  • Since the beginning of the year 2014, all meat products, cheese, sauces and spices have been produced with exclusive formulations, expert supervision and continuous quality control.
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